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Supercharge Your Development

All Paid Plans Come With:

  • No Automatic Shut Downs
  • Direct SSH Access
  • SSL Protection (US and Europe regions only)
  • Premium Support

Free plans start with 200 N2O.

Questions about Pricing?

What is N2O?

You can use N2O to create additional boxes, or to increase the memory or storage capacity on your boxes. Read more

How long does N2O last?

Once you purchase N2O, it will remain in your account while your subscription is active. When you utilize N2O, for example, when you create boxes, you will see your available N2O decrease in your usage meter.

So can I ever lose N2O?

You will only lose purchased N2O capacity if you cancel your subscription. You utilize N2O when you create boxes, and then when you terminate those boxes, the N2O is made available again for new boxes or upgrading existing boxes.

When does the billing cycle begin?

The billing cycle starts on the day you upgrade your account and is billed every month on the anniversary of when your account was created.

What happens if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription?

The monthly subscription cost will be pro-rated if changed to another plan, but not if the plan is canceled.